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You may have heard about Justin Trudeau’s big meeting in Montreal with Canada’s Premiers- you know the one where they were to take action on interprovincial trade barriers? 

Let’s recap:

Any significant progress on interprovincial trade barriers? 


Any action on the oil price differential crisis in Alberta?


Any recognition on the 500 million dollar burden on provinces for his Government’s failure to secure our border?


Any commitment to work with the new Conservative Premier from New Brunswick to get a new West-East pipeline to Canadian refineries and displace foreign oil?

Talk to Quebec.

If that’s what’s supposed to count as leadership today- JUSTIN TRUDEAU IS DOING IT WRONG!

The only way out of this leadership vacuum is to ensure an ANDREW SCHEER CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT in next year’s election!

We’ll focus on what will make Canada more open, united and competitive- starting with killing the “No More Pipelines” Bill C-69!

You can help me and Canada’s Conservatives by making a donation today!

Every dollar you send goes to fight the Liberals RIGHT HERE in our riding.

Remember the pain of discipline vs. the pain of regret.

Let’s not end up with more regrets in 2019 and let’s elect people we can be proud of this time. 

Dan Albas, MP
Central Okanagan - Similkameen - Nicola

ps. Your contribution today helps us get the 2019 campaign off to a roaring start, right here in this riding! Thank you!

 As of January 1, 2018, the maximum allowable contribution to a registered Canadian political party increases to $1,575 annually. Accordingly, we will now accept donations of this amount through our website. The maximum possible tax credit remains $650.00. For more information about donations and tax credits, please visit the CRA website and Elections Canada.

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